I decided to get a CCNA lab kit from Ciscokits.com. This will give me two routers and two switches to practice on. The other equipment I am getting (my ADSL WIC and a 2600 series Cisco router) will be for my live environment I’ll be testing on. More than likely at some point I’ll connect them all together through another switch. That way I can do testing on the test lab and have access to the internet through the test lab and not mess up the actual live environment while I’m doing it.

The equipment I ended up getting is:

2 Cisco 2501 16/16 Routers
2 Cisco 2924 Switch

On a later date once the live network is up and running I’ll connect one of my Cisco 2501 Routers to my Dlink switch and then configure the 2501 router to work with the two other switches and router. Then I can run a variety of CCNA labs on my setup to help study for my CCNA exam.

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