I’ve been thinking of getting my CCNA for a bit now and decided now is the time to get moving.  I have a number of books and  training material to help me out on my learning experience.  The best item I would say is my video training from Train Signal with Chris Bryant.  It’s easy to follow along with and he covers all the details that you need.  However I learn best when I can get my hands on actual equipment and make it work in a live environment.  So I decided that is what I will do.

First I’ll need to get some Cisco routers, switches, and instead of going to easy route (in my opinion) and using the DSL modem from AT&T that I have I’m going to get a ADSL WIC for my Cisco router and configure everything that way.   This should get me some great hands on experience as well as allow me to access the internet (assuming I set it up correctly).

It should be fun.

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