After some research on Cisco sites, and some help from Experts-Exchange I was able to get the initial config of the router done. I added the DHCP part as well on the router so it would pass out my IP addresses for me as I still do not have a server to do the job.

Adjustments I needed to make:

  • The document gives both methods for connecting up to AT&T (chap and pap), a little research I found pap to be the correct choice.
  • Adjust the DHCP server setup to import all DNS information from AT&T’s dynamic allocation
  • I had to find out the correct information for the PVC settings for AT&T.
  • Setup some access lists for my particular needs
  • Setup an IP route to the default gateway of AT&T
  • Installed Cisco SDM on the router so it could be managed via a GUI interface if needed.

After getting the router online things started to work out great.  All the DSL issues I have been having with the 2Wire just went away.  So, on to the next stage.

Links to PDF document used for initial setup help.

ADSL Guide pppoe dynamic step by step

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