Turns out that the 2611 router isn’t showing the ADSL WIC with the sh int command. Not sure if it’s just not compatible, or if there is an issue with this router. I also found the IOS that the 2611 has doesn’t support a number of the commands I need to configure the router correctly. I did learn in the process how to upgrade the IOS on a Cisco router, which I’m sure I’ll need to use again in my future. I decided to order a new Cisco 2610XM 128/32 router from ciscolabs.com. It came with IOS 12.4 already loaded on it.

The 2Wire AT&T modem seems to be having issues. I get constant DSL retrains through the day. Which drops my internet connection for about 30 seconds at a time. It gets quite irritating after a while. I’m hoping the Cisco router will fix the issue.

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