I already know how important backups are. They have saved me a number of times. And while I don’t have a large budget to spend on my network gear for my home setup I did know I needed to find a way to backup my entire server and configuration in case something were to go wrong. Windows 2008 R2 has a Windows Backup that comes with it. It allows you to backup to tape or an external drive. Tape systems would cost too much for me at this time (I do have plans on getting one one day though, maybe through ebay). So I took a 250 GB external firewire HDD and connected it to my server and setup a recurring full backup every night at midnight. I also setup a full SQL database backup at 11 p.m.

So this evening while trying to make a simple change to a PHP file on my blog (which was just in the themes section of the blog) it broke the entire web site. Got a 500 error. I knew the change I made caused it, however copying the backup of the file i made over it didn’t fix the problem, which I found odd. I thus went to my trusty backups and did a full restore on the web directory for this blog. A few seconds later, everything was back and running.

I love backups.

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