The servers now have enough software installed on them to now support OsCommerce. I installed a new version of the software onto my server and then imported in my audio products from my old online store. Everything is now up and running at

I want to be able to do a lot more with the online store so I thought I would get more familiar with the PHP code. I’m in the process of learning to code in PHP with a book from Amazon called PHP for Absolute Beginners. I setup a test environment with XAMPP and am using Eclipse for my editing platform.

The first project I’ll be working on is building a simple blog in PHP and then I’ll move on to adjusting the look and feel of my current online store to better suit my needs. Once I’m finished with this task I’ll be shifting my attention back to my CCNA studies as by then my new router will be back and I can swap out my AT&T 2wire modem with my Cisco router.

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