Today I converted my Windows 7 Desktop (Dell XPS) into a server.  I installed Windows 2008 R2 first and configured my domain, DNS, and setup DHCP on the server.  I then removed that function from the router as it was no longer needed.  Then I got the IIS7 web server up and running and configured a variety of my domains, setup my A and MX records, and changed all the A and MX records on the external DNS servers as well.  Once that tested out correctly I installed Exchange 2007 and setup all the domains.

Everything is looking good on that end now.  As I am now hosting all my email accounts on my Exchange server.  More than half of my web sites have been moved over as well.  I’m redoing my domain structure as well.  In the past my web site was setup as, while now I have it setup as  I think it looks better myself.  I did the same for my online store which instead of being will now be  I did end up having some issues transferring the OsCommerce online store to the new server.  It use to be on a Unix platform and it just didn’t like being moved.  So I downloaded the newest version of the software and reinstalled a fresh version.  Works like a charm now.  I’m in the process of setting up my audio products on the store now.  The new version is even better than the previous one as well, so it turned out to be a great move.

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