My replacement Cisco 2610XM router arrived yesterday. I took the AT&T 2wire router offline after I finished doing a quick config of the router. Then I just needed to adjust a few other items such as the Cisco wireless router, had to change its IP address as it was using the same one the router was going to use, then reactivated the DHCP scope on the Windows 2008 server. I then setup OpenDNS on my network, added the DNS forwards to their DNS servers, along with adding the DNS information in my router and everything came up and running perfectly.

I’ve noticed that the internet is more responsive now with the 2610 vs the 2wire. I’ll be getting another 2610 as a backup in case of failure, this way I won’t have to use the 2wire as my backup as I really don’t like the performance I get from it. Now that I have that all setup I can work on setting up the rest of my Cisco Lab and connect it to the back end of my network.

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