Yesterday I went through lesson five of my CCNA training from Trainsignal.  This lesson focused on the common router and switch commands.  I’ve gone through this lesson once before, however this time around I had all my switches and routers to use while watching the lesson.  I must say I got much more out of it this time and the information will stay with me longer now.  I needed to get a few things ready on my lab first before I could do some of the things, such as getting basic IP connectivity between all the switches and routers.  This was easy enough, just needed to setup passwords on the VTY lines so I could use telnet as I was getting tired of unplugging and plugging in my console cable when I wanted to move to another device.  I gave all the devices their own class A IP starting with  Used ping to test that everyone could ping everyone else then I just connect up to Router 1 via my console connection and telnet to any device I want to.  All in all, things are going very well.

On a side note I ordered two Cisco WIC-1DSU-T1 WAN Interface Cards.  I’ll use them to simulate a T1 connection between my lab and my live network.  I should have them within a week.

Today I’m moving on to lesson six with deals with IP Addressing and Routing.

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