I finished up my ICND1 material over the weekend and I think I’m moving along quite nicely.  I am now working on the ICND2 videos, and they  are very involved.  A lot of material to go over.  How I am going about it is to watch all the videos first, just sit back and listen and see how it all works.  This will give me something to build upon.  Once I’m done I’ll do some labs and just run through them and see how things work first hand, and see how well I can work out any issues on my own.  Then I’ll watch the videos again, this time setting up the lab and running the same commands as they come up.  I find this method works best for me and I retain a lot more knowledge in the end.

On a side note yesterday I received my serial interface for my 2600 router, and a few days earlier I received my two T1 interface’s.  Today I’ll be getting my DTE/DCE cable and cross over cables.  I want to get a few other routers to try out various things, such as a router for my frame relay cloud, and then I want to get another router that has a fast Ethernet port on it so I can configure it as a ROAS.  That should do it for my CCNA lab for the time being.  However I’m sure I’ll find more things to try out just for the sake of doing so.  The best way to learn something is to try it out and see how it works.  Both  when it works as it should and also when it doesn’t work at all, seeing both is key.

Now, I’m off to continue my videos, today it will be Static Routing and RIP, OSFP and EIGRP.  I should be finished with my first viewings by the end of the week and can run labs during the three day weekend coming up.  Should be fun!

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