One thing I have noticed is these topics I’m going over right now are making a lot more since seeing I got some real world experience on a cisco router.  Setting up my own ADSL connection with AT&T and adding static routes, NAT and PAT, and just configuring the router over and over to get it right.  Now when I’m watching my training videos when Chris goes over these topics it all makes even more since.    The latest topics I just went over were on Static Routing and RIP and Wide Area Networks.

I plan on setting up a frame relay router with four serial interfaces and use it as my frame relay cloud.  This will give me a lot of experience with frame relay, plus I’ll also work at setting up my simulated T1 connection with my two T1 WICs that came in the other day.  I’m still waiting on my serial interfaces to arrive, they should come in Friday along with my data cables.  I’m planing on ordering the Frame relay router tomorrow and hope it have it some time the following week.  I should be finished with my CCENT studies tomorrow as well and start up on my ICND2 studies.

It’s all coming together nicely now.  At this rate I should be able to take my CCNA exam at the end of January.  Looking forward to it!

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