I wanted to actually work with my routers tonight so I decided to take a break from watching the CCNA videos on OSPF until tomorrow.  Tonight I got to put my knowledge into action.

The diagram that you see is the network I had to setup.  All interfaces needed to be able to ping each other.

Static Routes

Router 1 was setup as the DCE with two DCE/DTE cables connected to the two serial interfaces.  This cable then connected to the Serial 0 interface of both Router 2 and Router 3.  I also had the Ethernet 0 interface connecting to a Cisco Switch.

Three networks were needed, and  The network was subnetted into three subnets (,, and

I first got the serial interfaces up and running, and put the IPs on both the serial and ethernet interfaces.  I was then able to ping the router I was on along with the adjacent router.

Next I just needed to put in some static routes on the three routers so I could then ping all the interfaces on all the routers from any other router.  The lab had me do other things such as setup summary static routes and also setup default static routes.

I enjoyed the lab a lot as I got to physically do many of the tasks I had been learning about.  I think I’m coming along very nicely so far.  I hope to do more labs soon, they are my favorite as I can to try things out and see how they really work.  What I did today really solidified a lot of what I had learned in the past month.  Tomorrow I will continue on with OSPF and then end the day with another lab.  I want to try and do one lab a day at least to keep things fresh.

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