I bought some bulk cat5e cable so  I could make my own cables.  I’ll start off making my T1 cross over cable.  I purchased 100 feet of  purple Cat5e stranded PVC 350 Mhz, rated UTP.  I also purchased a bag of Cat5e RJ45 plugs (100 total).  Total cost of my purchase was $16.00.  From what I saw online to have a custom made 3 foot T1 cross over cable made would have cost me $25.00 plus shipping.  I can make up to 33 3 foot cables with what I have.  I should have them in the mail by the middle of next week.  I’ll then be able to try out my simulated T1 connection between two of my routers.

My cisco 2520 router is on its way now via UPS.  Hopefully I’ll have it by the end of next week as well.  Once it arrives I’ll configure it as my Frame Relay cloud.  I’ll then be able do my hub and spoke frame relay topology.

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