Today my cat5e cable and ends arrived from DeepSurplus. So I cut myself a short bit of cable, grabbed the four wires I would need for my T1 crossover cable and made the wire. It took me a little longer than normal, only because it’s been a while since I made a cable, and even then I never made many of them as there isn’t much need for me to. However it worked just as needed.

I turned on the lab and plugged in the cable and saw a the CD light come on the T1 WIC. Everything worked like a charm, and now I can telnet into my lab switches from my main network as the other T1 WIC is on my main Cisco 2600 XM series router.

It’s always nice when things work the first time. I’ll have to make some more cables on my own just to get some extra experience. Never hurts to be able to make your own cables.

The rest of my lab is scheduled to arrive via UPS on Friday. I’ll then use that router as my Frame Relay cloud as it has four serial interfaces. Then I’ll start on a variety of labs over the weekend with Frame Relay, Hub and Spoke configurations, and RIP and OSPF labs. Really looking forward to getting into it all.

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