I was looking into my PIX 515E Firewall and working on my plan to integrate it into my live network.  While reading up on some information about configuring the PIX Firewall I found I should put my email and web server in a DMZ and keep the rest of my internal network in the inside network off the inside port of the firewall.

The first problem I found was my PIX only had two network interfaces, so I had to purchase this PIX-1FE card to bring me up to three interfaces.  I’ll use this interface as my DMZ once it arrives and then configure the firewall for my network.

I should have the card by the end of the week, was able to find one at Ciscokits for $19.95.  I’ve download a number of PDF documents on configuring the firewall, so I should be ready to go this Sunday to try bringing it online.

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