Just finished reviewing the binary and subnet information for my upcoming exams.  Worked out a few issues I was having on the sub-netting and IP address ranges, so I feel very confident that I will be able to do well on my exams when it comes time.  I will continue to practice for the next few weeks off and one to ensure my skills stay up there, and work on improving my speed.  However seeing the exams will have me do it all by hand I will probably not try and rush it too much as I know the material and it would be stupid to miss a question only because I tried to go too fast and made a simple math error.  So in all I can now convert from dotted decimal to binary and from binary to dotted decimal as well as tell what subnet a particular IP address is in, as well as the range of available IP addresses in a given subnet.  Now on to my WAN studies.  I feel that I am going to do fairly well on my CCENT exam at the end of this month.

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