I have moved on to studying for my CCNA exam now, I figured in a few months I should be ready to go with it.  Just continuing on with my labs and reading up on the materials.  I now know what the Cisco exams are like so I will not be so worked up over taking them and make the same mistakes.  I ended up forgetting on simple command on the exam that caused me to miss a pretty big question.  There were multiple answers for the one question and I could not answer any of them due to the lack of remember about the command “show cdp neighbor”.  I doubt I will ever forget that command again.

In the mean time however I need to move forward with another exam that I need to get, which is the MCITP Enterprise.  I just received all my books from Microsoft and just needed to get my labs setup so I could start my training.  I ended up using my current server which is running Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise.  I installed Hyper-V on the server and added 4 GB of RAM to bring me up to 8 GB of RAM.  I then purchased two 500 GB SATA drives so I could split the virtual machines over a number of drives, plus just have more room to work with.  This brought me up to 1.5 TB of HDD space on the server.  I have already installed two Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise servers on Virtual Machines and plan on adding a third, either 2008 or 2003 for later labs when required.  I also plan on adding a Windows 7 Ultimate virtual machine to the batch as I will be taking the Windows 7 Configuration exam as well.

I have worked with Microsoft products for over 15 years now, so with my labs and these books I feel I will get through the material quickly and be able to pass the exams with no problem at all.  The books even came with a 15% off coupon for each exam that I will be taking, so I can save a little all at the same time.  More updates will be coming in regards to my activities with Microsoft and Cisco, so be sure and check back or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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