When I first went about setting up my server which runs my Exchange 2007 server and the IIS web server that this blog runs on I went looking for a UPS solution.  I need something that would keep the server and Cisco router up as long as possible in the event of an extended power failure.  A good friend of mine (Lee Ray), had an APC Smart-UPS 1400 available and said I could have it, I just needed to buy new batteries for the unit.  It was a great deal, however I was not sure how long it would last and never got around to testing it out.  Just last week a live test occurred.  A large thunderstorm rolled into the area and within minutes all power was lost.  I shut down the workstations that were on smaller UPS units leaving just the server and Cisco 2600 router up and running.  I also have the wireless AP connected to the UPS so I can access the internet from my laptop during any power failure.  The UPS did a great job of keeping things going with a total up time without power of 1 hour and 15 minutes.  This is great news, as the majority of power issues are resolved within an hour in our area.  And if the power is out longer, the switch and the server are set to power back on automatically once power has been restored.

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