Last night I moved the first of many physical servers to the virtual environment by using the VMware vCenter Converter.  The entire process took just over two hours and I was able to move the Blackberry Enterprise Server into the virtual environment.  Once the transfer was complete I shut down the physical server, assigned the IP address of the physical server to the virtual counterpart, reactivated Windows (as the hardware changed drastically), then ran a few tests.  Everything checked out and the server was doing what it should.  In all it was a very successful move.  I will be moving the remaining physical servers over the next few weeks.

As of now I have configured the vCSA running on SUSE Linux, a test OpenFiler VM, a SCO Unix server, along with a test Windows 2003 Server.  The Windows 2003 Server and OpenFiler will be removed at a later date as they are only being used for testing purposes.  The Blackberry and SCO Server will continue on as production servers from this point on.  The remaining servers will also be Windows 2003 and I do not anticipate any issues in the migration.  Everything should be up and running by the middle of December.

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