As my job was just downsized I now have more time on my hand, and plan on taking advantage of this to push to get my CCNA and get moving towards my CCNP.  I organized my lab and rack mounted them all as before I just had them all

All my switches, routers, and firewalls

All my switches, routers, and firewalls

stacked on top of each other, which worked, but was less than idea.  I plan on setting up my Frame Relay cloud once again, as well as my T1 connection between my production Cisco router and my lab routers.  At another point I plan on working out how  to properly configure the PIX firewall, while it is not a point that is covered on the CCNA exams it will be a valuable skill to know.

I am looking forward to this entire process while looking for a new job to utilize my 14 plus years of experience.  In just the few days since I have been looking I have had a number of promising leads, so I feel confident I will find a new job in short order.

My resume has been updated on this site as well as all of the standard job boards such as Monster, Dice and Careerbuilder.

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