Always wanting to keep my skills up to date I thought I would do two things at once.  First study up on XenApp 6.5 to see what is new since XenApp 5.  I have been using XenApp 5 for a number of years now at my last job and found it relatively easy to administer and deploy.  However after installing XenApp 6 and 6.5 the installation process alone is much easier.  No longer do you have to install all the required software ahead of time, the installer will now install all needed software and even configure IIS so it is ready to go.  The process of bringing up a new server is very simple compared to previous versions.

The training process is going well and quickly.  I should be finished up this week and just do some extra studying over the weekend and then go for the exam.  I believe I should do fairly well based on my understanding of how everything works so far.  The only reason I may delay it another week would be if I decide to setup another XenApp 6.5 environment from scratch within a VMWare environment.  I have been moving all my main production items off the server so I could wipe Windows 2008R2 and install VMWare and then setup all my servers within that environment.  I think it will work better than having it the way I have it now with Windows 2008 as the host OS and Hyper-V running five other servers.  It would give me more resources for the VMs if the host OS was not taking up memory and CPU processes that are not needed.

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