The final step in moving off services from my server was to transfer the DHCP service.  In the past I had a DHCP server running on Windows 2008R2, however as I am now going to be using this server primarily for labs I needed to separate this function so our various devices and computers would continue to have DHCP available to them.

I figured the best option for the time would be to just setup DHCP on the Cisco 2611 router.  The setup is fairly simple to use, and can be setup as such:

conf t
service dhcp
ip dhcp pool
ip dhcp excluded-address

This setup gives a basic DHCP configuration for the network with a default gateway set to, with an IP exclude range from to  This allows clients to obtain IPs from  I will move this feature back to a server at a later date, until then, my trusty Cisco router will help me out with one more task.  You can view the connected clients by using the command sh ip dhcp binding.

The server I have been moving functions off in the mean time has now been shut down to ensure I did not forget anything.  Later today I will install VMWare on the server and start my various labs.

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  1. Jaye Roberts says:

    This was very helpful!

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