I believe I am getting close to taking my CCNA exam and wrapping things up for my first step.  I am now just going through numerous labs to practice my skills as the more you actually use the commands in a live environment, the more likely you are to remember these tasks, especially during an exam.  I am using two methods in my labs,  the first is with physical equipment.  This lets me actually connect the cables, see the lights, and know how the switches and routers will actually react.  My second method is with the Boson Simulator software.  They have a number of lab exercises in which I can go through and use a wide variety of Cisco switches and routers.  This is helpful as I do not have the room to have too many switches and routers in my lab setup at home.  As it is my rack is full, so I would need to get a larger one to add any more equipment.  Between the two, and lab exercises I have from Chris Bryant, Cisco Kits, and Boson I should have more than enough practice.  Once I am done with that I will move on to the final stage of taking practice tests and then on to the real thing.  By that time I should have no problem passing the CCNA exam.

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