As I currently only have one server which I run my labs on I thought it best to move live production web sites and email servers off to other resources for the time being.  That being said I moved my Exchange server over to Rackspace and my web sites over to Host Gator.  The email transfer went smoothly and I was able to migrate all my emails from my Exchange 2007 server to theirs.  As I will probably move back at a later time I just moved my calendars to iCloud as that service will be with me always as I am a Mac user.

The web side just required a little thought to figure out how I was going to transfer everything.  The main thing I was worried about was if there would be problems moving from an IIS7 Web server to an Apache Web Server.  For the most part it was pretty straight forward, just needed to make a few adjustments to the wp-config.php file.   Here are the steps I did in case anyone else wants to do something similar.

  1. Made a backup of my WordPress Database using the MySQL Administration tool installed on the server.
  2. Copied the entire WordPress directory to my mac so I could FTP it to the new server.
  3. Changed the nameservers to point to Hostgator instead of my server.
  4. Created a new database on Hostgator and a user with full admin rights to the database.
  5. Used MyPhpAdmin to connect to the new database and copied the SQL export from step 1 into the SQL query field, and changed the database name at the start of the SQL query to the new database name.
  6. Then it was just a matter of uploading the entire wordpress directory to the new server.
  7. Edited the wp-config.php file to point to the new database name and username and password.
  8. The last thing I needed to change was due to my plugins not working upon moving the site.  Apparently I setup a define line in wp-config.php to point to the plugin directory on my IIS7 server and this was causing issues on the new server.  I just commented out the line and all the plugins showed back up.
  9. Once all that was done I tested the web site and everything looked to be in working order.  I then updated Word Press to the latest version and updated any of my plugins that needed it.

In all the migration went very smoothly and moving back to my IIS7 server when the time comes should be just as easy.  In the mean time I can now do more labs on my server without worrying about losing emails or my web site going down.  For one it will allow me to try VMWare on the server as that will require me to wipe out the entire OS in favor of the VMWare installation.

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