I have in the past been using a sub-domain of another domain I own for this blog and wanted for a while to have something more unique that went in line with the subject matter.  After having issues with my .mac email account for over a day in which I had no access to email I figured it was time to make that change and move my email for this blog and looking for future employment into a realm where I have full control.

I went to Network Solutions and did some searches and came upon the domain L3PDU.com.  I thought it went well with network in general as packets at the network level are at Layer 3 of the OSI model.  I purchased the domain, and made all the needed changes on my IIS web server, DNS entries, and setup the email accounts on my Exchange 2007 server.  All that was left was the change my resume and information on the job boards to this new information and I was ready to go.

Now that is all done it is time to get back to my Cisco studies and looking for work.

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