Today I did a full install of a two server XenApp 6.5 farm.  I installed the license server on my domain controller, and then setup two VM Servers using Hyper-V, each using Windows 2008 R2, and one workstation VM with Windows 7 Ultimate.  I installed XenApp 6.5 on both servers and setup Office 2007 and a Server Desktop as my applications.

Then came the first issue in the entire installation, it was when I installed the Web Interface on XA01.  During the installation I chose to use XML integration while installing the Web Interface, this is to allow it to use port 80.  Something obviously did not work right, as after configuring the web sites and then trying to access http://XA01 I would get a 400 error on the web page.  I ended up trying again on XA02 and this time did it without XML integration and using port 8080 and then it worked without an issue.

It is possible I am leaving out a step that is needed to make XML integration work properly, and I think it is in the IIS Management Console.  In all the installation process went well and I am now back to where I left off in my labs before redoing the server.  I think I am going to do fairly well on the CCA exam with all the extra practice I am getting installing and configuring a XenApp 6.5 farm.

The main reason for wanting to redo the lab was I had installed XenApp 6.0 earlier and the exam for 6.0 was retired at the end of January from what I learned, so I just wanted to make sure there were no changes that would catch me off guard in the newer version.  I did notice that the Web Interface looks a little different, and the management tools are in a different spot, for the most part it looks pretty similar.

I will post an update on the XML Integration on port 80 and what is needed to be change on the IIS side once I find that information again.  I’m sure it will be helpful to know.

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