I just scheduled my 1Y0-A20: Citrix XenApp 6.5 Administration exam for Monday, May 14, 2012.  I wanted to take it next week, however all the time slots were already filled up and this was the earliest I could take the exam.  I guess I’ll get an extra week of study in, which can only help I am sure.  More than likely I will run through an entire install again, as the more often I do these tasks the better I will be at them.   Once this exam is finished with I will be returning to my Cisco studies so I can wrap up my CCENT and CCNA certifications.  Looks like it is going to be a busy month for me.  Another benefit is I will see how other exams are like.  I took exams from Novel in the past (CNE 4) and passed every exam in a weeks time, with a near perfect score on TCP/IP.  I found Cisco exams to be much more difficult, however I think my problem there was just speed, a little more practice and I should be able to finish that exam in the amount of  time.  The CCA exam is unknown yet to me, however I feel confident that I will pass.

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  1. Hello Ivan,

    Merry Christmas!

    How was your CCA exam? what are you studying these days?

    I am MCSA and now want to learn XenApp 6.5 and pass the exam. I would really appreciate if you please guide me and suggest how to start? where to start ? what specifically shall i read. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks in advance.

    • I always have issues with test. Call it test anxiety. I didn’t get a passing score my first time, and as I ended up moving shortly after to a new state things have been put off. I have been focusing on other aspects recently as my new job has nothing to do with Citrix. I deal more with Exchange, VMWare, and Cisco these days. I did use the train signal products for my Citrix training, and that helped a lot. The rest is just building a lab and practicing what will be covered in the test. Actual hands on experience works much better than just reading over the material.

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