It has been a while since I have had much opportunity to work on my network, production or test.  Having to relocate in the middle of 2012 took quite a bit of time, plus getting settled in my new job.  The great thing about my new position is I get the opportunity to work on the Cisco network frequently and get some real world experience.  I wanted to get back to working on adding my PIX515e into my network and though this was as good of time as any.  As of now I have the PIX behind the Netgear router (soon to be replaced with a Cisco 2811 router).  The PIX is working great and the throughput issue I was having before appears to have been resolved.  I have a 40 mbps down and 20 mpbs up via Century Link DSL, which works beautifully.  Right now the flow is the DSL line enters the Century link modem which is in bridge mode.  This then goes to the Netgear router, which then feeds to the outside port of the Cisco PIX.  From there it goes out of the inside port to my Cisco 48 port Switch.  I have some home branded Cisco access points throught the house along with wired drop points throught the house for the PCs and Macs.  I plan on upgrading those AP’s to a small business Cisco AP which I believe will give me much better performance.

I have other plans, such as trying to get PPPoE configured on my Cisco PIX so I can connect the firewall directly to the DSL modem, will be trying that out this weekend as well as working on my Cisco 2811 router to determine the best solution.

Other plans are to get back into my Cisco studies and take my CCNA exam.  I have decided to not take the two exam path any longer and just go for the full exam path.  With all the hands on experience I have been getting I feel I should have no issues in passing my test once I schedule it.

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