I have now setup VPN on my PIX 515e and I am able to make connections and get my assigned IP address from the VPN DHCP pool.  The only issue I am finding is I am unable to Remote Desktop over port 3389 to an internal computer behind the PIX firewall.  Remote Desktop works if I am local, so there isn’t an issue with the PC I am trying to connect to, it has to be something on the PIX side.  I will have to do further research in order to find out how to get this feature working.  I have tried having the IP pool both on the same subnet as the internal network and on a different subnet all together.

Today I am going to get a few switches for the house and redo some of the wiring in the data closet.  I will then be able to rack my Cisco PIX, and switch and get everything cleaned up from the testing phase.

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  1. Hi..
    Did u manage to get this VPN works with PIX 515E over IPsec?
    am using ASDM 5.2, and PIX image 7.2…am able to connect, but i cannot access the internal resources…

    • The VPN over IPsec was working fine after my initial configuration. The only issue I had was getting RDP to work over the VPN connection. I first tried enabling IPSec over nat-t and enabling IPsec over tcp port 10000, however that did not have the result I was looking for, as it only would then prompt for the username and password. I then changed it to use IPsec over nat and it started to work as it should.

      I should have the full configuration from my PIX 515E posted on here as well, take a look at it and see what differences there is between mine and yours.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

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