Today I was able to configure the PIX 515e firewall to use PPPoE, which allowed me to forgo using the Cisco 2611 router in front of it.  The commands to setup PPPoE are fairly straight forward on the PIX.

vpdn group pppoe request dialout pppoe
vpdn group pppoe localname USERNAME
vpdn group pppoe ppp authentication chap
vpdn username USERNAME password *********

and for the eth0/0 interface

interface Ethernet0
nameif outside
security-level 0
pppoe client vpdn group pppoe
ip address x.x.x.x. pppoe setroute

I was able to take the Netgear router offline and put it in AP mode.  Speed test show no performance loss as well, so I am happy about that.  My next task is to get VPN working on the firewall, should be able to take care of that over the weekend.  Looking forward to working more on the network and getting more hands on experience.  I hope to add a Cisco AP 541N to the network soon and remove the netgear AP completly.  I enjoy the reliablity of professional equipment much better than I do with any consumer network products.



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