ccent_network_medMy first step towards my CCIE Security was achieved while attending Cisco Live 2013 in Orlando.  I took the test at the end of Tuesday and was elated to see that my previous time of study had paid off when I saw my passing score.  I feel the breakout session with Keith Barker and Scott Morris helped give me that extra push with subnetting.  I had already done a lot of practicing with subnetting, however they showed me one more way to make it just that much easier, and quicker.  All my IP related questions were quick and easy because of this during the exam.  I am now working towards my CCNA Security which I hope to achieve in the next month or two with the help of Keith and Scott’s book from Cisco Press.

I plan on writing a number of posts to go over the days I attended Cisco Live as well as images I captured each day.  Those should be showing up over the next week or two.

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