labI have been spending the majority of my time just reading over Cisco Press books, and taking practice tests.  I have been wanting to get my lab back in running condition as well as add new components to assist in my security goals.  With the latest edition of the Digi CM 32 Console Terminal it now makes it much easier to access all my equipment via the console.  Before I would have to go into the closet and connect my laptop directly into each console port one at a time, which was difficult at times.  Plus the smaller space creates more heat with all the routers running at once, and makes study time less enjoyable.  As you can see I am out of room in my rack.  I plan on replacing the switches however, so those new ones will only be 1U units and leave me room for one more item.  To give my lab the neat look I am going for I will need a few more rack ears for a few of the devices, as well as more cables.  I will need 10 1′ cat 6 cables to connect my lab equipment up to the Digi CM 32, as well as cables to create the Ethernet network and connect up to the Netgear router which provides access to the remaining of the house.

Once I am finished with my security studies I will use my Cisco 2811 and PIX 515E Firewall for my home network, as well as adding a Cisco AP to replace the Netgear AP.

My current lab consists of:

  • Cisco 2811 Router
  • Digi CM 32 Console Server
  • 3 Cisco 2500 Routers used for my Frame Relay labs
  • 2 Cisco 2611 Routers
  • A Juniper Netscreen Firewall
  • A PIX 515E Firewall
  • 2 Cisco Catalyst 2900 Series XL Switches

Due to the lack of Cat 6 cables the only devices connected to the Digi CM 32 is the Cisco 2811, Cisco 2611, PIX 515E, and the Juniper Firewall.  I plan on placing an order for all the cables and rack ears this month and getting everything ready to go.  Then I can work locally from my PC or remotely and connect to the Digi CM 32 and manage all my devices via the console all without having to be in the little closet where they are forced to reside.

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