I just ordered a Digi CM 32 Console Server to use in my Cisco Labs.  The Digi CM provides in-band or out-of-band management of any network equipment with a serial console port.  I am able to now have console access to all my Cisco gear remotely as well by connecting up to the IP address that is assigned to the Digi CM 32 Console Server.

You can configure everything via the web console interface that is provided on the device and then connect to any device via a Web Interface as well using Telnet or SSH.

digiI have started out by just connecting my Cisco 2811 Router to port 1, and the configuration process went very well.  You can also configure the device via the CLI using a Telnet or SSH client such as putty.  I will configure the rest of the ports to connect to all my other devices so I which will make working on various labs much easier, especially when I want to wipe out the config and start over while at a remote location.

terminalWhen you access the console of a Cisco router via the Digi CM 32 it does it via a Java web interface window that connects via Telnet or SSH.  The resonsiveness of the interface is good, and I can scroll back to view the history of my actions on the device at any time.

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