The past few weeks have been busy for me as I had to prepare six new Cisco Catalyst 4507R+E switches for installation.  The lease had Cisco Boxesrun out on the previous ones and were being sent back, and I had just about 10 days to turn it around.  I took the opportunity to upgrade the IOS on each of the switches while I was at it and then reconfigured each switch for their destined replacement.

As you can see there were quite a few boxes that had to be unboxed, and then assembled.  After I had a chassis populated with the two supervisors and five line cards I would take it to the first floor switch room and configure enough of the switch to enable IP connectivity so I could TFTP the new image to the primary and secondary supervisors.  After that I could then TFTP the config file that I backed up from the switch it was replacing into the running-config file and then make a few editing changes.  The main change was to point the boot image to the new IOS that was uploaded to the switch a few minutes earlier.  The entire process generally took me about 30 to 40 minutes, mainly due to waiting for the various switch reboots.

photoI was able to learn a few new skills during the process, as generally I would work with smaller switches, routers and firewalls.  The 4507 series with the dual supervisors allowed me to get practice with higher end equipment.  I am very comfortable working on these type of switches now.  My next project that is coming up is upgrading the IOS on the ASA 5520’s and 5510’s.  This is going to require redoing the NAT statements on the config as the original way they were done is no longer supported.  I have a ASA 5510 that I am testing the upgrade process on before moving on to the production equipment in a few weeks.  I will post information on that upgrade process once it starts moving forward.

I was able to finish the project on time and ship back all the equipment to Cisco.  It ended up being nearly 900 lbs. of equipment in multiple boxes.  I am sure the shipping bill on that would be high.


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