I have been taking C++ programming this semester at Penn State.  I have really enjoyed the challenge and wish to keep learning more about the language and other similar languages.  I am going to move over to Objective C and start working on programing in Xcode so I can create an iPad app.

The final project for the semester I was assigned was for me to create a program that would ask for up to 25 names, and then print out those 25 names in alphabetical order.  The sorting needs to be done with a bubble sort, and the printing of the array and the bubble sort must both be in separate functions that are called from the main function.

I was able to do everything but the bubble sort in a few minutes.  The bubble sort was not familiar to me, so I had to do some research to figure out how it worked and was able to create the function just a few days later.  Now I am just working on making the program better by adding formatting, comments to the code, and will try and add color to the program.  I have a month to work on it, and it only took less than a week to do what was required.

EDIT: I have updated the code with the final version.  I made a 100 on my final project with this program.

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