I noticed when using Cisco Configuration Professional it stopped working properly after I upgraded to IE 10.  Initially I resolved the issue by just downgrading back down to IE 9, however seeing I am using Windows 8.1 recently the IE version is now up to 11.  The problem you will notice with IE 10 and up is that only a small fraction of the screen is viewable, making the program unusable.

The solution to this odd problem is quite simple however and does not require you to downgrade your IE to 9.  To resolve the problem just open IE and select TOOLS, then COMPATIBILITY VIEW SETTINGS.  Simply add as a website and the problem will be resolved.

Hopefully this will help others that happen to run into this confounding little problem.

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  1. François Xavier Habimana says:

    This has helped me out. Thanks

  2. Very nice article. I absolutely love this site.
    Continue the good work!

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