When I began using computers decades ago I started off using DOS, and it was years before Windows even became an option, at least an option I was aware of.  Therefore I became very proficient with the command line.  I actually prefer the command line to be honest, and I can do many tasks quicker than I can by doing the very same task in a GUI environment.  Now that is not to say I dislike the GUI environments, as I enjoy the OSX operating system, as well as the various GNOME and KDE environments used within Linux.  I do find it more rewarding to accomplish a task from the command line however.  This is probably why I enjoy working with Cisco products, as much of the work is done from the CLI, even though you can now do a lot of the tasks, if not all of them from their own GUI versions.

With all my various projects in security, programming, and just wanting to know everything I have begun doing much of my work in the Linux world.  I decided to use a few different distros.  I use CentOS as my main system, which is running in a VM on my MacBook Pro.  I do much of my python, C and C++ training within this OS.  I also have installed SlackWare, as I wanted something where I would need to be more involved.  The installation process took more effort on my part that usual as I had to set everything up myself by using fdisk and setting the boot and swap drives and finally installing the operating system.  The final distro I am using is Kali Linux, which comes with the various penetration software that I use to test out how effective my security is.

I am sure I will be posting future articles on the various Linux distros I use, and issues and resolutions I come across as I use them.  I am looking forward to the various learning opportunities I will obtain.

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