I was looking to install a password management program on CentOS and found KeePassX. I didn’t find an easy button for it so I downloaded the source files from their site and then ran the following commands.

tar xzvf KeePassX-0.4.3.tar.gz
cd keepassx-0.4.3

Now is when I ran into a problem. I was getting errors, and it was saying “File generated with too recent version of Qt Designer”. So I did some research on the Internet with Google and had to go through a number of different articles before I found a solution that would resolve the problem. Here is how I went about getting the problem to go away.

First you need to remove both Makefiles…

rm Makefile; rm src/Makefile

Then run qmake again with the following paramaters…

/usr/lib64/qt4/bin/qmake PREFIX=/usr -nocache

Then you can run the make command and you shouldn’t receive any errors.


Finally, after it has finished the build you can install it by typing…

sudo make install

The install process went very well and I was able to see my newly created program in the Applications menu.  Hopefully anyone else having similar issues will see this article and it will help them out.

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