Home Depot is continuing their investigation into the possible security breach, and have since also brought the Secret Service into the investigation.  Brian Krebs found an interesting correlation between new cards being place online for sale recently with the location of Home Depot stores across the nation.  The new credit cards are listed by region and zip code, as the thieves that purchase these cards know in order to stay under the radar they must not raise any red flags with the credit card companies, so this means making purchases in the same geographic location that the card originated from.  Brian compared the zip code locations of all the new credit cards with the zip code data from the Home Depot store locations and found a 99.4% correlation between the two.  This give a high indication that the new cards are from Home Depot.  At this time there has been no public announcement that this is actually the case, and it could all be coincidental.

Home Depot on their page they have setup to update customers of their investigation have stated if a breach is confirmed that customers would not be held accountable from any charges, and that it was the responsibility of Home Depot and your Bank to keep you protected.

Based on the stock performance of Home Depot it does not appear that the investors are not too concerned over this.  I am not sure if that means they are aware of something that the general public is not, and it is not as bad as many are fearing, or they are just holding out until they hear more from the corporate office of Home Depot.  If it does turn out they have been breached, Home Depot will join the growing list of companies that have been compromised in a short period of time.  CNN Money has even made a site that gives you an idea of what hackers know about you.

In the mean time, it is best to just monitor your accounts to ensure your bank does not miss any fraudulent charges applied to your account.  I have contacted all my banks and they are all aware of the situation and are monitoring all their accounts for suspicious activity, and waiting for further information before they decide what further actions may be needed.  When more information becomes available on the subject I will be sure and post another update, so be sure and check back soon, or feel free to subscribe to the blog to receive email updates as they happen.

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